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Friday, May 29, 2009

Women Friends

I just had dinner with three great women that I use to work with (before I was laid off). As I am aging I realize how important women friends are. I think I appreciate friends more now than ever. As we each took our turn telling each other what is going on in our lives, I looked around the table and thought how awesome this was. We laughed, cried & complained, all the things women do.
One of our friends was telling us about the new man in her life and how he may finally be the one. Another one was telling us about very good family friends whose young son just committed suicide. We couldn't even imagine going through something like that and what his parents must be going through. My third friend was telling us about the dinner her 21 year old son made for his girlfriends birthday. They showed her pictures of the food he prepared and she could not believe what he made. She is realizing how grown up he really is. And I of course told them how I am learning to do things on the computer and I have even started to blog, they could not believe it. I also told them that when I figure out something new and send it to my kids, they reply with, " how's the job hunt going?".
You see women friends are important in our lives, we listen to each other and we are there for each other, even if it is only dinner.

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