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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011......

Well, we made it through without much damage in our community.  We lost some trees and new fencing that was just installed this year.  This is right next door to us.  Our neighbors lost their tree next to the deck.

The fencing below was damaged due to the tree that fell through it from the other side.

My hubby and I decided to take a ride into town and see what was going on there.  Couldn't believe what we saw!  This is the road that takes you into our town.  You normally would go over the bridge.  The building there is one of our Historic buildings here in town.  I guess we know why it has been empty for many years now.

A car dealership tried to get all of his cars moved.

Check out this guy's mailbox right in the middle.

Well, that's what is going on in our little town.  I believe that most of the rivers have crested now, so hopefully people can get cleaned up.  Things will never be the same for some people.  Our hearts go out to them.

Any one else affected by Hurricane Irene?


Saturday, August 27, 2011

The calm before the storm~

For all my blogger friends that are near the coast, please be safe!  Right now it is so calm around here but we are expecting 10" of rain and strong winds.  I am praying that our power doesn't go out, I really don't want a flooded basement!   The coast of New Jersey was evacuated.  My sister and brother in law live on the coast line, their home is right on the beach.  They drove to their daughters house up here and they are very concerned.
Called the kids to make sure they are all getting prepared, and asking where they are going to be.  One of my sons and his wife were told that they needed to evacuate.  Their whole street was evacuated, because there is a small creek behind their homes.
The news has been on all day, reporting about the storm.
  My neighbor and I got our walk in early today.  Well, I made a commitment to lose some weight.  I joined the web site, http://www.livestrong.com/ .  It is Lance Armstrong's site, and it is really neat.  It keeps track of the food you eat and calculates everything for you.  It tells you how many calories you have eaten, how many calories you burn when you exercise.  I am giving it a try, so far, so good.

Well, I better go and gather all my candles for tonight.  It is better to be prepared!  Are you prepared?

Be safe.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Home Good & bedroom makeover...

My friend Joanne and I went to my favorite place yesterday, Home Goods!  She needed to get some things for her guest bathroom and I love to go over there and just look around,,,,it makes me happy!  Well, really I had something in mind.  I was explaining to Joanne that I wanted two long pictures or long mirrors to go in a specific spot in my bedroom.

They are getting ready for Halloween already!  Yes, I know fall is just around the corner, and I do remember being in retail for a million years that the department stores had Christmas up before Halloween is even over.
They had so many pretty things. 

I did end up with this cute little pumpkin.  I am excited to add it to my collection.

My friend Joanne, checking out.  Looks like she found what she needed.

 I saw this beautiful trunk that would have been perfect for under the buffet in my foyer!  I was set on getting that, until I saw these......I just turned the corner and there they were!  Perfect!

Two of these cost me $44.00!  They were $29.99 but I showed the manager a few little nicks and he reduced them to $22.00 each!  I'll take them!!!  I was going to get the ones from Target, but these are larger and heavier. You see we are in the middle of doing a bedroom make over.  I have the perfect spot for them.  It was just meant to be I guess.

Our, on going bedroom makeover.

That's the hubby up there getting ready to paint.  Mr Fix It, he can do anything, usually.  He is starting to slow down a bit as we get older.  I don't think he enjoys it as much as he use to.

Can you guess where I am going to use those mirror's?  I will surprise y'all when we are complete!  I can't wait.  It seems to take me so long.  First I can't find what I want, or else I can't make a decision, or # 3, budget!  It will eventually get done.

Have you been to Home Goods lately?

Have an awesome weekend!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now You See Her....

Well, I started this book Now You See Her by James Patterson yesterday afternoon.  Went to bed at 1 am, couldn't sleep thinking about the book.  Got up and finished the book at 4:45 am.  I couldn't put the book down.  It was very good!  This is a little of what it is about.

Nina Bloom was a successful lawyer and loving mother who would do anything to protect the life she built in New York.  She lied to everyone even her one daughter about her past.  But when an innocent man is framed for murder, she knows she can't let him pay for the real killer's crimes.
Something happened to Nina 19 years earlier when she was in Key West on Spring break.  Now years later, she risks everything to return to Florida and confront the murderous evil she fled.
Is was so good and a quick read.  I know you will enjoy it.

I guess I better start reading the book for our book club now.  There are so many good books out there that I am dying to read.  I will never get anything done around here!!
Enjoy the read.

            Have a great day!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

We just saw this movie tonight.  We loved it!  My husband is very hard to please when it comes to movies, and he actually liked this one very much.  It was funny, sad, endearing, smart, great writing and so much more.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Of course seeing Ryan Gosling with out his shirt is a plus.  Nice 6pack!  Steve Carell and his one liners are hysterically funny.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how good it was, of course, in my opinion.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rainy Days

I like the rain, especially when it starts to cool things off.  It's really great if you don't have to go out that day!

Rainy Days

We really needed rain, now we seem to have an excess.  We had more rain these last few days then we normally have for a whole summer.
During the dry spell, I was so worried about our grass that I watered the lawn every day.  Now my husband said that it seems like we just watered the weeds. The front yard is filled with weeds!  We live in a community where they take care of your lawn, mow your grass and shovel the snow for you, which is great, but I think they need to plant some more grass for us.  It looks like our lawn is the worst in the neighborhood. I was
told that now we just have to wait until it is time for grass planting.


I just finished reading 'The Help'.  I loved it!  Now I can't wait to see the movie.  If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it.  I was impressed with this writer, Katherine Stockett.  It was her first novel as well.  It was sad, funny and very well written.  Put it on your summer/fall reading list.  Although, it has been out for a while and in paperback so I may be the last person in America to have read it.

We had our first book club meeting Friday night.  We had 9 ladies show up.  We decided to pick an older James Patterson book, 'You've been warned'.  Many ladies had already read some of the newer best sellers so we were a little limited on what to read.  I am really looking forward to this.  I made a fruit salad and some canoli's, beverage's were wine or ice tea. One of our ladies brought a big box of wine and some apps.  She is very excited about the book club as well, can ya tell. 

Today is my daughter's birthday, 34 years old.  Her daughter told her that she couldn't come up stairs because she was getting all dressed up for her mothers birthday.  I have to post this picture, because she is only 7 years old and acts like she is 15!  God help us through those teen years.

She told her mother that she even dressed up her American girl doll, Ashley.  Very Chanel don't ya think!

Have an awesome day!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back Home.....

Well, we are back from vacation.  I love going away, but I always love coming home.  We had a wonderful time with our family!  It was fun, relaxing and hot!

Before everyone arrived on Friday.

Once everyone arrived, the men all went to play golf.

And then off to the Beach. Nieces and Nephews playing with grand kids.

The baby was so good.  Sometimes we actually took him to the beach.  Other times Grandpop stayed up at the house and babysit.

Daughter along with her cousins.

 We even took an updated family picture.  It was a little windy, so I am not sure if I like the way they turned out.  I also think it was too early in the evening to take the pictures, I prefer to take pictures a little later, but we had two different families to get photographed and my daughter wanted to start earlier.  I haven't seen the pictures that everyone else was taking, so I am hoping some of them turned out better then mine.


Of course, some of us needed some refreshments during the photo shouts!

Two of the grand kids.

Sister in law with her family.

Sister in law with her family.

# 1 son with girlfriend

Daughter and her family.

# 2 son and wife.

# 3 son with wife.

Just trying to get everyone together.

Then, it was time for our seafood fest!  Everyone had a job.

Scallops, fish, lobster, crab, muscles along with corn, salad, baked macaroni and many more good side dishes!

Sunday night I made baked Ziti for everyone along with garlic bread and salad.  Some more relaxing along with some computer help from # 2 son.  Trying to teach me "light room" for pictures.  I think that is going to take some practice on my part!

Then it was time for everyone to say good bye, until next year!  Hubby and I stayed until Tuesday, which was wonderful.  We didn't have to sit in traffic on Sunday night!
We have to thank Andy and Nancy (sister & brother in law) for hosting our week and weekend!

Now back to reality along with laundry and cleaning!


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