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Friday, August 19, 2011

Home Good & bedroom makeover...

My friend Joanne and I went to my favorite place yesterday, Home Goods!  She needed to get some things for her guest bathroom and I love to go over there and just look around,,,,it makes me happy!  Well, really I had something in mind.  I was explaining to Joanne that I wanted two long pictures or long mirrors to go in a specific spot in my bedroom.

They are getting ready for Halloween already!  Yes, I know fall is just around the corner, and I do remember being in retail for a million years that the department stores had Christmas up before Halloween is even over.
They had so many pretty things. 

I did end up with this cute little pumpkin.  I am excited to add it to my collection.

My friend Joanne, checking out.  Looks like she found what she needed.

 I saw this beautiful trunk that would have been perfect for under the buffet in my foyer!  I was set on getting that, until I saw these......I just turned the corner and there they were!  Perfect!

Two of these cost me $44.00!  They were $29.99 but I showed the manager a few little nicks and he reduced them to $22.00 each!  I'll take them!!!  I was going to get the ones from Target, but these are larger and heavier. You see we are in the middle of doing a bedroom make over.  I have the perfect spot for them.  It was just meant to be I guess.

Our, on going bedroom makeover.

That's the hubby up there getting ready to paint.  Mr Fix It, he can do anything, usually.  He is starting to slow down a bit as we get older.  I don't think he enjoys it as much as he use to.

Can you guess where I am going to use those mirror's?  I will surprise y'all when we are complete!  I can't wait.  It seems to take me so long.  First I can't find what I want, or else I can't make a decision, or # 3, budget!  It will eventually get done.

Have you been to Home Goods lately?

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. I don't think we have one of those stores around here- but it looks like a place I would LOVE to go in and spend money I don't have. LOL

  2. love the mirrors, they're perfect!!

    don't forget to stop back to enter my giveiaway for a needlepoint smathers and branson credit card wallet!

  3. Love it when things just jump out and are perfect finds!! We have Home Sense in Canada which is twin to your Home Goods .. and can spend a good long time in there...

    Hoping Irene doesn't come your way and that you remain safe!! xo HHL


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