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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life in the fast lane.....

I would really love to post something every day, but I seem to run out of time.  I love reading every one's post and by the time I am done reading, I am out of time.  So I will just do a run through  what has been going on around here.
Sunday we went to our Son and daughter's in laws house in the city for her birthday dinner.  It was the first time I had seen their apartment since they moved in October.  They live on the third floor and I couldn't manage the steps until now.  It was so nice, perfect for them.  It is quaint and has so many great little features.  It is a brownstone that was made into apartments.  I just don't think I could deal with the traffic every day.  They just love it, and it is a wonderful area in Rittenhouse Square.  Dinner was delicious and it is always nice to get together with the family.

Tudo o que

Monday I had a wonderful massage!  I had a gift certificate from Christmas that I was dying to use but I have been afraid to go because of my ankle.  I thought what the hay.  I just told her not to work in that area, it is still very tender.  And it was lovely!

Beautiful Pictures of Bora Bora: The Four Seasons

 I came home and hubby was putting the tile up in our laundry room.  I am so excited to be almost done with that room.  I think it looks great.

Tuesday I had therapy and I really tried to push hard with my exercises.  After dinner we went out to walk.  Some of our neighbors were walking and it's so much more fun walking with other people.  It really makes the time go faster.  You get to catch up on the news in the community.  By the time we were done walking I was really limping.  I think I did a little too much that day.

Sarah Wilson - this blog makes life better, sweeter. - Part 3

That brings us to today, Wednesday.  I had a doctor's apt. this morning.  Hubby finished grouting the tile and I started to get my new printer out of the box.  Oh my, after I put it together I started to read the quick start manual and I was lost.  Time to invite one of my son's to dinner!  No. 1 son said he would come to dinner and of course he would get my printer started for me, (thank God)!  We had a lovely dinner and he is very excited about going to the Phillies home opener on Friday.  I hope he dresses warm, because now it is calling for rain & SNOW!  Come on, it's April!!!  We have two storms headed our way!  What about the groundhog and his shadow?


My office is almost done.  I still can't find fabric/drapes for the windows that I like or that is reasonable enough.  Also still looking for a bulletin board.  Pictures soon to come.

FFFFOUND! | Apartment Therapy San Francisco | March Best Posts: House Tours, a Bedroom Peek, and Lots of Bathroom Peeks

Well, that's it in a nutshell.  Tomorrow, laundry and some cleaning, exciting!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I thought it was spring!

What is going on with this weather?  Wasn't it the first day of spring a few days ago?  We still have flannel sheets on the bed, and I woke up this morning to snow!  I have 4 projects in the garage waiting to be painted, and it is just too cold to paint in there.

Mine bilder - Foto

I am longing for warm weather and sunshine on my face.

on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I am waiting to wear flip flops and feel sand around my toes.
daisies are like sunshine to the ground ☀
I am waiting for the spring flowers to be poking through the dirt.
that's me.

Never mind the Budget... at least Spring has arrived, with sun and temperatures of 64f | Mail Online
Now that's more like it!!  Lets have flowers!
                   Ido-Weddings - Tulip Wedding Bouquets (by Jennine) Any tulip...                   

Flowers make me happy!  Isn't it amazing how things grow.  We are so fortunate to be able to see these flowers and appreciate what they can do for us.

  the happy home 
What is your agenda for the weekend?  What ever it is, stop and buy yourself some flowers for table.  It will remind you of the good things to come.......
Kimberly Wong

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Westie Wednesday

I am following T. from Desperatly seeking Searsucker with Westie Wednesday.  Please join in even if your pup isn't a Westie. 
This is Jake when we first got him.  He was so tiny and we loved him at first sight!
Don't you think he is just a sweetie!!  He is 7 years old now.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone!  Today I am following Daphne from Flip Flops and Pearls girl, and Shannon from Webbisodes with their Home Tour Tuesday.  The room we are doing is the Home Office. 
My office is still a work in progress.  When I am done, I will post the finished produce, but for now here we go, as is.
This is my desk where I do most of my work.  Write notes, blog etc.  My son gave me the desk when he moved into his new office.  He wanted a more modern desk, so Mom gets the hand me downs.  The shelves are from Ikea.

Since the room was already painted last year when it was a Guest room, I really didn't want to paint it again, or lets say, my hubby didn't want to paint it again. Now on the other side of the room is my craft desk.  This is where I scrapbook and craft things.  I am looking for a large bulletin board.  I have recently discovered on some other blog sites some ideas on making one, so I think I will try it.  That will go next to the shelves.

I am going to paint this chair white and put a cushion on it after I find the drapes I want for the room.  I think it needs a pop of color and I was thinking of lime drapes, what do you think?

And of course I had to add pictures of my sweet Grand kids, Megan and Connor.

I found this cute picture at Home goods.  I thought it was just girlie enough to add to the Ladies office.

This picture was from our 25th anniversary trip to Las Vegas.  Oh, yes, that was my body from way back, never!

This picture was way way back when the kids were first going to school.  That was when we only had two children so far, Jp and Stacy.  Their principal called and asked us to do a photo shoot for the local newspaper on going back to school days.  It was so much fun.  I just wish I knew enough back then to call the newspaper and ask for a copy.  That was my first Lilly skirt and top!

Well that's all I have.  I hope you enjoyed my office tour.  Hop over and join all of us.  It is so nice to get ideas from everyone.  It's our sisterhood!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok, I have started a DIY project.  I am painting a small table/cabinet that I would like to use in our Guest room, which has kind of Yellow/gold bedding.  I sanded it, and painted it an off white.  Now I don't know if I should put a glaze on it or not.  What do you think?  I would also like to sand little parts of the edges to make it look a little shabby chic.


Now, what do you think I should do?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Westie Wednesday!

I was working on my laptop the other night and my hubby snapped this picture of Jake.  He HAS to be on my lap!  Unless he just thinks this is his chair.  He did sit on here all the time until I had to use it for my leg.  He is still my sweetie and I love him. 
The painting below I found at "Home Goods".  I had to have it, couldn't pass it up.  I put it in my office.  Speaking of my office, I am almost finished working on it.  Can't seem to find the right fabric for curtains, and I am looking for a large bulletin board at a reasonable price.

Well, thats it for Westy Wednesday.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family rooms - Home tour Tuesday

Hello y'all, ok, today I am following in Home Tour Tuesday, hosted by Flip Flops and Pearls.  We are going to focus on Family Rooms today.  Hop around with us and get some great ideas!

Since we have downsized to a small retirement community, we have a family/living room combined.
So here we go:

There is my cute puch, Jake.  This chair was wonderful for my recovery with my broken ankle.  I could prop my ankle up.

Well, there ya are.  Hope you enjoyed my tour.  Now off to see another one!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Great evening....

Well I cleaned the house, made my sauce, made dessert, picked up the wine, flowers and bread and set my table.  It was just a casual dinner for a few people that we wanted to have over for a while.
I decided to make meat balls, sausage and I also made a small pork roast to put in the sauce, so there was plenty of food.

The menu:
Baked Ziti
Meat Balls, sausage & pork
and Banana Cream Pudding for dessert

It was just a casual gathering so no china or crystal.  I did use my new Ralph Lauren tablecloth that I picked up at Marshall's for $12!

We had a wonderful time.  Great wine, good food and awesome company.
But I will say, I did sleep well that night!  I was exhausted.

We all need to do this more often.  Sometimes we forget to make time for friends and it is so important to keep up friendships.  These people helped us so much when I had my accident.  They made us dinner, walked Jake in the middle of the day and so much more.  They are good friends!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Party

Hello all, and happy Friday to you.  I have to tell you about this awesome nail hardener.  Of course it was recommended by Hoda Kope and Kathy Lee on the Today show.  I use to have my nails done with the Gel overlay for years.  Since I had my moped accident I have let my nails grow out and have used this product.  I am surprised how well this works.  I use to use Nailtiques whenever I let my nails grow naturally.  This product is def better!  Let me know what you think.

What do y'all have planned for the weekend?  We are having a dinner party Saturday night.  Just casual with some people from our little community.  I am making Baked Ziti with my homemade sauce.  This time I am going to add some sausage and a pork roast, which will fall apart perfectly.  Garlic bread and salad.  Something lite for dessert, Banana Cream pudding.  It should be a nice evening.  Well, I better go, I have so much to get done for tomorrow.

Have an awesome weekend!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Time management

Ok ladies, I need to ask you all a question.  How much time do you spend reading blogs?  I love reading all the blogs I follow, but I can't believe how much time it takes.  I do try and leave a message on each one after I read it.  I find them all very interesting and funny and learn so much from them especially the decorating blogs.


I am so excited, to have 29 followers now and I was wondering how to get more people to follow.  Is it the give a ways?
Any suggestions?
I do want to thank all who do follow me.  This is a new experience for me, and I really appreciate my followers.  Thank you for giving me your time and stopping by!

Tag, your it!

Hello all, DDS from Desperately Seeking Searsucker has taged me for a Handwritten Post.  Very cute.

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5.  Write this:
6.  Tag 3 followers:

www.ciciscorner.com/      http://abnormallynormal2007.blogspot.com/    http://emptynest1.blogspot.com/

7.  Anything else:

Have a great Monday!!



I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Before I get into this I just wanted to let you know about http://www.ciciscorner.com/   CiCi's giveaway.  This beautiful cross made by her father.  Stop by her blog and check it out!
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