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Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Party

Hello all, and happy Friday to you.  I have to tell you about this awesome nail hardener.  Of course it was recommended by Hoda Kope and Kathy Lee on the Today show.  I use to have my nails done with the Gel overlay for years.  Since I had my moped accident I have let my nails grow out and have used this product.  I am surprised how well this works.  I use to use Nailtiques whenever I let my nails grow naturally.  This product is def better!  Let me know what you think.

What do y'all have planned for the weekend?  We are having a dinner party Saturday night.  Just casual with some people from our little community.  I am making Baked Ziti with my homemade sauce.  This time I am going to add some sausage and a pork roast, which will fall apart perfectly.  Garlic bread and salad.  Something lite for dessert, Banana Cream pudding.  It should be a nice evening.  Well, I better go, I have so much to get done for tomorrow.

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Well, I have solar nails and have had for years and years and it works for me at this point. :o)

    Dinner sounds yummy and know everyone enjoyed it.

    Happy Lord's Day to you!

  2. So excited to follow you!! Found you on LuLu and Daisy's blog.....Have a :) Sunday!!!

  3. hope your dinner party went well!!

    i will have to try out this nail hardener... my nails are consistently falling apart and my mom actually recommended pregnant lady vitamins. i'd rather not :)

  4. Hi Susan, your dinner is making me hungry!! Sound wonderful. I had to come by and say HI!! I love all the comments you leave me on my blog, it is so nice to see you there. It is readers like YOU that make me keep trying to write thought provoking and informational post!!! Thank you so much for your faithfulness!! Happy Monday,Kathysue

  5. Lea, I have heard that solar oil works well too. I will have to give it a try.

    Melayne, Thank you so much for following me. It is truly appreciated. I hope you enjoy my blog.

    Little miss, I will have to post my dinner table. The night was so much fun!

    Kathysue, I truly enjoy your posts! I learn so much from your blog.

    thank you everyone for visiting!


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