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Friday, March 25, 2011

I thought it was spring!

What is going on with this weather?  Wasn't it the first day of spring a few days ago?  We still have flannel sheets on the bed, and I woke up this morning to snow!  I have 4 projects in the garage waiting to be painted, and it is just too cold to paint in there.

Mine bilder - Foto

I am longing for warm weather and sunshine on my face.

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I am waiting to wear flip flops and feel sand around my toes.
daisies are like sunshine to the ground ☀
I am waiting for the spring flowers to be poking through the dirt.
that's me.

Never mind the Budget... at least Spring has arrived, with sun and temperatures of 64f | Mail Online
Now that's more like it!!  Lets have flowers!
                   Ido-Weddings - Tulip Wedding Bouquets (by Jennine) Any tulip...                   

Flowers make me happy!  Isn't it amazing how things grow.  We are so fortunate to be able to see these flowers and appreciate what they can do for us.

  the happy home 
What is your agenda for the weekend?  What ever it is, stop and buy yourself some flowers for table.  It will remind you of the good things to come.......
Kimberly Wong


  1. the snow was NOT a nice surprise this weekend! the boyfriend and i are going to see his little brother in his scool's performance of south pacific -- i can't wait to see how he does!
    hope your weekend is a great one!

  2. No kidding!!! They are forecasting flurries here in baltimore on Sunday! NOOOOO!!!! I am so ready to plant flowers and have the windows open! Come on spring!! have a great weekend!

  3. I just heard that we are supposed to get snow this weekend! Probably not as much as you guys, but still. I was in shorts the other day. Ho hum.

    I couldn't agree more with you about flowers. I try to buy fresh flowers weekly for my kitchen table. It really does help to bring Spring into the house, doesn't it :)

  4. We are all thinking the same thing! Flowers make me happy too.

  5. Beautiful post, Susan! Nothing makes me happier than a fresh bundle of flowers :) Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  6. Im in Maine and it snowed today.. not a lot, but really snow? Time for warm weather asap!


  7. I am sending you some TX. sunshine...4 projects in the garage....YEAH! I'm looking forward to seeing them!!! Hope spring comes soon for you!!!

  8. Me Too ! This week coming up I do not have to keep the little tater bug and had big plans for the garden... they say it is going to be cold and rainy all week ! Well, there is always shopping...

  9. Oh, my, we had a high of 87 today, almost felt like summer, rather than spring, had arrived. I'm definitely wearing flip flops. Happy weekend!

  10. We were enjoying some beautiful spring weather in Dallas until a cold front moved in last night. I had to dig out a turtleneck and fleece that I had very hopefully already packed away! I am thankful, though, that we didn't get snow like you did. Hope yours melts and that spring shows up on your doorstep soon.

  11. Oh my gosh I know! I don't need it to be hot yet but it would be nice if it would warm up.

  12. We've had 70 and 80 degree weather for weeks until today---the high was only 53 and it was rainy. We haven't had cold weather in well over one month! So 53 felt pretty darn cold! LOL

  13. Sorry about the snow! Sending you some Florida sunshine!

  14. i was thisclose to putting on Xmas songs when it snowed last week!!!

  15. boy do i know the feeling!! last week it was in the 70s and 80s here, and now it's in the 30s and 40s...ugh! i'm new to blogging, please stop by!


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