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Monday, March 14, 2011

Great evening....

Well I cleaned the house, made my sauce, made dessert, picked up the wine, flowers and bread and set my table.  It was just a casual dinner for a few people that we wanted to have over for a while.
I decided to make meat balls, sausage and I also made a small pork roast to put in the sauce, so there was plenty of food.

The menu:
Baked Ziti
Meat Balls, sausage & pork
and Banana Cream Pudding for dessert

It was just a casual gathering so no china or crystal.  I did use my new Ralph Lauren tablecloth that I picked up at Marshall's for $12!

We had a wonderful time.  Great wine, good food and awesome company.
But I will say, I did sleep well that night!  I was exhausted.

We all need to do this more often.  Sometimes we forget to make time for friends and it is so important to keep up friendships.  These people helped us so much when I had my accident.  They made us dinner, walked Jake in the middle of the day and so much more.  They are good friends!



  1. Sounds like a great dinner! Love Mr. Jake!!

  2. YAY-sounds like a great evening sweetie.
    I hope your having a great week thus far.

    You need to share those recipes on my recipe swap Friday:)

  3. What a lovely table cloth! SCORE at TJ Maxx :) I also love to put together casual dinner parties, but even though it's casual it is still work. I know what you mean about sleeping well :) And your menu sounds delish!!

  4. Ya gotta love Marshalls! (and TJ Maxx and Ross...LOL). The dinner sounds wonderful- now I'm hungry...any leftovers? LOL


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