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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok, I have started a DIY project.  I am painting a small table/cabinet that I would like to use in our Guest room, which has kind of Yellow/gold bedding.  I sanded it, and painted it an off white.  Now I don't know if I should put a glaze on it or not.  What do you think?  I would also like to sand little parts of the edges to make it look a little shabby chic.


Now, what do you think I should do?



  1. You are too cool. I wish I would do things like that. I bet the glaze would look great next to the goldish bedding. and sanding it would be so cool

  2. I love the table!!!! I would sand it on the edges....it will add to its character. You could try a little glaze on the back to make sure you like it...then you will know for sure!!! Put it next to the bedding, see how it looks, have fun!!!

  3. I think it would look fab with the glaze and sanded edges! You are quite crafty, love that!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. I'm with the above comment, a glaze and sanded edges. A lovely piece!

  5. I have to admit, I'm not really sure what a glaze does? BUT...I do love the shabby chic look, and think that the sanded edges would add so much character :)

  6. I think distressing it is a fabulous idea!

  7. oh wow -- what a great project!! i have no practical advice, other than to tell you i'm so impressed!

  8. I kinda like the sanded edges idea! But then again, I think I'd have to see the whole room first as I'm not quite sure of the ambiance. But whatever you do, I'm sure it's going to look great!!

    Happy Weekend Dear! xo

  9. DD2 took a cabinet in one of the bathrooms and 'aged' it or 'antiqued' it...whatever that means. All I know is, it turned out GREAT and is perfect in the bathroom. I always vote for making something look old.

  10. Bravo. It looks great so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

  11. I don't know too much about furniture but maybe you could put a wash on it of a fun pastel color to match the room? Make it shabby chic!
    You are doing a FABBBB job!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls



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