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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Westie Wednesday!

I was working on my laptop the other night and my hubby snapped this picture of Jake.  He HAS to be on my lap!  Unless he just thinks this is his chair.  He did sit on here all the time until I had to use it for my leg.  He is still my sweetie and I love him. 
The painting below I found at "Home Goods".  I had to have it, couldn't pass it up.  I put it in my office.  Speaking of my office, I am almost finished working on it.  Can't seem to find the right fabric for curtains, and I am looking for a large bulletin board at a reasonable price.

Well, thats it for Westy Wednesday.

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  1. Jake is so very cute!
    My Daisy has to be right next to me when I have my laptop on my lap! We are attached at the hip. LOVE the Westie painting! I want one!

    Mrs. Kindergarten and Daisy

  2. How cute! You'll have to show pictures of your office when you get finished! Happy Day!

  3. How sweet is that?? My lab is like that, she thinks she's a teacup!
    Sweet Dreams Friend!!

  4. You have got a great angle going there...laptop to the right, Jake to the left :) I need to try that. I tend to try to work straight on, and Louis proceeds to land on my keyboard. Not a very productive position at all!

    And I adore the paiting!!! What a great find :)

  5. I love westies! Our neighbor had one when I was a kid and it was the sweetest dog.

  6. love this addition to westie wednesday!! i love checking in on louis with DSS each week, glad to see jake added to the lineup!


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