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Monday, March 7, 2011

Time management

Ok ladies, I need to ask you all a question.  How much time do you spend reading blogs?  I love reading all the blogs I follow, but I can't believe how much time it takes.  I do try and leave a message on each one after I read it.  I find them all very interesting and funny and learn so much from them especially the decorating blogs.


I am so excited, to have 29 followers now and I was wondering how to get more people to follow.  Is it the give a ways?
Any suggestions?
I do want to thank all who do follow me.  This is a new experience for me, and I really appreciate my followers.  Thank you for giving me your time and stopping by!


  1. I think being active in the blogosphere will bring you readers! It does take up a lot of time. You should only put into it what you want to. Once it becomes a chore, it's too much!

  2. You have gotten off to a great start for sure, but just as Kristen said, when it becomes a chore, it's no longer fun. I, too, love to read blogs and I follow a whole bunch of them and I just simply do not have the time, nor do I feel that I would be a good steward of my time, if I read them all everyday. I have a very few that I check daily and the rest, I try to get around to weekly and more if I have extra time. I'm just now doing my first giveaway after 2 years. Giveaways will sometimes bring followers, but, they are work, so most folks don't do them that often. Just keep visiting around, leaving comments and you will watch your followers continue to grow. Blessings to you!

  3. I look at blogging like a party I have been invited to....you make the rounds talking and socializing, etc.....It does take time, but only put into it what you enjoy! Have you linked up to parties with projects? That is a good way to get traffic and meet other bloggers.

  4. First, congrats on your followers! That is so exciting! And thank you for always taking them to comment on my blog - it makes my day :)

    I know what you mean about how much time it takes reading/commenting on blogs. When I first started I would spend hours doing so, but then I realized it wasn't worth compromising time with my family, so now I read when I have down time or early in the am/late at night. As for getting more followers, I would say consistency was the key for me. When I blog everyday, people visit and follow. It does take time, but you are already doing it! You have a lovely blog and great posts- the key ingredients indeed!



  5. Oops- I meant "taking the *time* to comment"

  6. It's a lot faster to put the blogs you want to read on Google Reader (if you haven't already done that). The problem then is that if you want to comment you have to go to the blog and do it, so I probably comment a lot less than I used to.

    And I don't follow anybody. I have some followers, but I just don't do it myself so having followers is not a big deal to me. And I never do giveaways and never comment on giveaways, just because that's not the reason I blog.

  7. I struggle with this every day! I have found so many blogs, through other blogs, and now my reader is jammed packed. I don't like to just read the most recent post, because what if I miss something?!?!?

    It has begun to stress me out in the last month or so. Not the reading of the blogs, per se, but losing touch with my friends! I need to sit down and weed out some blogs that I've just followed for giveaways and such. Perhaps that will make it seem more manageable.

    AND...regarding getting more followers...I think that tags help, but I definitely think giveaways bringin the most followers. I have actually found quite a few blogs that I adore now due to giveaways. AND...I'm quite sure that giveaways have helped me get to my number of followers :)

  8. A give away really helps but so does linking your blog on face book and twitter. And it takes time. I've spent close to 2 years looking for my "tribe." When I find a new preppy blogger I'm SO excited!

  9. Giveaways, linking up with others helps, too. Plus you ahve a Westie and DSS and I are working on a linky for Westie Wednesdays. :)
    I also have a Facebook page and I Twitter. I find I've picked up followers that way, too. I have been lucky lately to have time to read lots of blogs, but once I get busy, it will be back to Saturday mornings. I also love to promote people and my post this weekend is blogs I love to follow...so be sure to check yourself out tomorrow! :)

  10. Thanks for all the great advice!


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