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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas decorating!

I think we are done decorating for the Holidays. My husband has been so patient with me, (since I have a broken ankle, therefore I can't move around too much). He has done such a good job decorating and listening to me give direction. I wish he didn't have to help me so much. I do appreciate it and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
I have been practicing with my camera and different settings. There is so much to learn about taking pictures. I would love to take a class. I especially like to take pictures of our grand children, which you have probably guessed by now. One thing on my bucket list when I retire is photography lessons, but that is a little way down the road. Oh well, here are some pic's of my favorite decorations.

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  1. Your mantle is absolutely beautiful! I wish mine were wider so that I could follow your lead with all of the greenery and lights. Sigh. Maybe one day :)

    And isn't Jack looking quite handsome amidst the Christmas decor! Is he looking for snow out the back door? I'll bet he is!

  2. Beautiful decorations. Love the westie!

    Stopping by from HTT


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