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Monday, February 14, 2011

I was watching the Today Show this morning and they were discussing the Love letter, and how it is becoming non existent.  This is due to technology, between e-mail and texting.  I believe this to be so true.  Everyone seems to be too busy to really sit down and think of something meaningful to say to their loved one.
Cupcake Queen
This will be a challenge for many of us.  I am taking this challenge on today.  I am going to write my hubby a love letter for valentines day.  He has been so good to me when I was laid up with my broken ankle.  He waited on me hand and foot, even down to helping me in and out of the shower.
I am making him a special dinner with the use of a tablecloth on the table!

is our secret safe tonight? ♥♫

He already brought me flowers and also bought me a radio/speakers for my ipod in my new office.  I just love the flowers and the radio/speakers are white so it matches my office!  So I think he deserves something nice don't you.

Heart Candle Wreath

What will you be doing for your husband/boyfriend/partner tonight that will be special??bippity boppity boo

Have a wonderful Valentines Day, and an awesome evening........:)



  1. I agree...it is sad to see the Love Letter go away. I have kept every "love letter" I have ever received (including high school and such), and compared to what I receive now they are amazing! Perhaps I will take you challenge, and attempt to actually write something meaningful in the card I give to someone special tonight :)

    Have a lovely dinner. I know hubby will enjoy it!

  2. You know what? You're right! And I'm going to write Hubs one now! Thanks!

  3. We're celebrating heart day this weekend since I was in NYC...I'm thinking the hubs is going to get a love letter!


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