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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby eggs hatched!!

Well, our "Bird in the wreath" eggs hatched!  Two little furry things!  they were born about 2 weeks ago and I can't believe how big they are already!  The momma tries to sit on them, but they are getting two big to do that.  I don't know how they are all fitting in that little nest.

Aren't they so cute, and big!!  OK, little birdie, it is time to move on, test out those wings!  I need to start using my front door again!


  1. Oh this is so wonderful! It is science at it's best for this kindergarten teacher.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. Ah how cute! I can't believe they've stayed in that wreath so long!

  3. So cute. Our little babies have left their nest and moved on. We miss seeing them but I guess if it was on our front door I'd be encouraging them to flap their wings and fly.

  4. Thanks for the comments, but they took flight today!!!

  5. so fun! i love the picture of jake peering out the front door. we used to have baby birds in our old house backyard and they were always amazing to watch!


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