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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Children are a gift from God......

When my husband and I were married he decided to become Lutheran.  He was raised Catholic, but there were some things he just didn't agree with, and since I was Lutheran, it was an obvious change.  Now 37 years later and 4 grown children, the three that are married, married into the Catholic faith because their partners were Catholic.   It is not a problem in any way for us, as long as they are Christians, go to church and raise their children with a belief in the grace of God.  I love my son in law and daughters in laws to death.  I couldn't have picked better mates for our children, actually they are young adults.

We celebrated our youngest grand child's Baptism a few weeks ago, (Christening).  It was a wonderful celebration.  I just wish one thing, that they would teach pasters, any religion mind you, how to speak in public.  How to make a sermon interesting, hold your attention, and motivate you to be a better person.  When someone speaks in a low quiet monotone, it isn't good.  And now I am going to be a better person and talk about it again!  And now some pictures....

 Daughter, Son in law, God father ( # 4 son ) and God mother, his wife.

                                                       The Baptism, God bless Ryan!

Daughter, son in law and our three grand kids.  Megan was a little disappointed that Ryan was a boy.  She said to me one time, "Nonna, I don't know how I am going to handle it with 2 brothers."  Pretty funny, now she just loves him to death!  Connor of course loves having a little brother.

The hubby, me and the family!

Son in law and his parents.

Party time!  Hubby, daughter in law with # 4 son & # 3 son.

Son in law's family, and one of their little ones.

Daughter, niece, Ryan, # 1 son's girlfriend and # 3 son's wife.

More family, sister in laws & niece.

Brother in laws and niece.

Who are all these crazy people?

It was a wonderful day spending time with family!



  1. What an absolutely gorgeous group! Too bad your sons are taken- I have a daughter or two. LOL

  2. You have such a beautiful family! Congrats to baby Ryan!

  3. what a beautiful family and what a beautiful perspective on your faith!

    congratulations to you all. what a gorgeous little boy!


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