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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gift Wrapping

Today I would like to talk about gift wrapping.  I was wondering how everyone likes to wrap their gifts at Christmas, or any other time for gift giving.

We can start out by looking at some of the ways to store your wrapping essentials.  It would be wonderful if we all had  craft room like these....

Pinned Image
I would love to have one of these high tables in my office/craft room.  Love the colors, the green walls and white furniture looks lovely together.  I think I could really create in this room.

Pinned Image
This room looks great, love the chair, looks so comfortable.  I think she bought those cubes and built a craft table/desk.  I saw them in Michael's and AC Moore.  Very functional.

/Pinned Image
I like how this lady has a table for everything!  Craft table, sewing table, and I see another table back there.  She is very serious about her craft.  So organized.

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This room is so feminine.  Love the pink walls with white and green furniture.  The shelving looks awesome with her fabric all folded up.  I see some handbags over there on the desk, I wonder if she made them?
I really love those frame handbags!

Pinned Image
This is a nice area for your crafts.  It looks like there is peg board on the wall, which is awesome!  You can hang anything on that wall.  I think my favorite thing in this room is the tall basket with the wrapping paper in it!  I would love to find one of those.

Gift Wrapping Station
I really like how this lady stored all of her ribbon.  I have something similar to this, and I love how you can keep all the ribbons at hand.  You can see what you have right there.

wrapping station
Now this is a cool way to store your wrappings.  It is quite handy when you don't have a lot of space to spare.  You know where everything is that you need to wrap with.  When done, close the door! 

Creative space in a cupboard - Artistic Organization: Craft Rooms with Style
I have seen this done so many times.  A closet craft room.  You can really have fun with this kind of space.  I have seen it decorated so many different ways.  After you are done, just close the door on this one as well.

Pinned Image
Talk about good use of shelves.  I love the organization.  It looks so neat and clean.  Looks like she has ribbon along the side.  What a great idea.

Pinned Image
I really love how this storage unit looks.  It looks like the drawers pull out and everything is right there, ready and waiting.  Notice the shape of the drawers.  It looks like they were custom made for this unit.  And decorated so nicely. 

Pinned Image
This looks like it was built right in the closet.  I especially love how she stored her wrapping paper.
underbed wrapping station
This is great for people who do not have the room to hang or spread out their wrapping material.
Handy too, just slide it under the bed!

Pinned Image 
What a great idea for ribbon.  You can carry it to where ever you need to wrap. 

Think I went a little longer then I expected to go with this.  Tune in tomorrow for the pretty wrappings for gift giving.  There are so many great ideas out there, I know you will love seeing them.
Until then, have a great evening!



  1. These are great organization ideas, Susan! Especially love the closet craft room and the ribbon carrier at the end. Hope you are well :) xo

  2. Your site is so cute! Thanks for visiting & commenting yesterday on our barn doors :)

  3. That kind of organization makes me happy! Wish I was that organized. One day...maybe.

  4. I love all those rooms--and they do have great ideas. But if I was that organized, I'd never be able to find anything!

  5. I would LOVE to have any one of these rooms for wrapping! I have all of my paper in a Rubbermaid wrapping tote, and all of my ribbons in a bag. It's a mess, and then I wrap at the kitchen table. I just wrapped last night, and I grumbled the whole time. Hmmm....perhaps I need to look at putting a wrapping station in the basement?

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