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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brand New!

I am absolutely so excited and appreciative of the wonderful job that Posh Palm  http://www.poshpalmwebdesign.com/   did for my new Blog Design!  Isn't it just too cute!  She even put in our family portrait on the wall!  And Jake is sitting on the couch just so cute!  Jen is even making me a Badge that my followers can grab, can you believe it!  This was the most awesome "Give a Way" that I have ever won!  Now I really need to get more followers so they can see the wonderful work that
Posh Palm does.  I would appreciate if you could recommend my blog to your friends, that would be just awesome! 

Now if you are interested in having a new design made for your blog, you are in luck!  Jen, from
 Posh Palm is offering you a 20% discount on Blog Designs!  That is just awesome.  Just hop over to Posh Palm and pick out your design.  The code is POSHTOTE.  If you have any questions I am sure Jen would offer her advice.  Now if I could just figure out how to add the link in here that would make my day!

When you do go visit Posh Palm, don't forget to tell Jen what a wonderful job she did on
"Tote's Thoughts" blog design.  I am sure she would appreciate it.


Thank you Jen for all your hard work, it is much appreciated!



  1. I LOVE it! She really did do a fantastic job- WOW!

  2. I love love it!! I really like that it is so personal to YOU!! Kathysue

  3. It's fabulous! Jen is fabulous, too. I STILL get compliments on my blog she did. Love love love it!

  4. beautiful new layout!! i love that jake makes an appearance :)


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