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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers Day

Where do I begin?  I can say that I found a good man.  In the beginning I told him it was always a plain to marry him.  After all, we did have so much in common.  We were raised about 3 blocks from each other, we graduated the same year from the same high school, and my dad knew his uncle from school.  The only thing is I never knew him until after he graduated from college, and I met him in a bar!  Isn't that a good love story!  We did date and fall in love, and here we are 37 years later.

We have raised 4 wonderful children, believe me we were very lucky, we didn't know how to raise kids, we just did what we thought seemed right.  Now I am not saying we didn't run into a problem or two or three, but nothing too serious that we couldn't handle.  You know the things that WE did when we were young, only didn't get caught.  Honey, don't you remember that motorcycle you snuck up to State College?

This is 1991 in Disney World, FL,  We also have S's boyfriend at the time there as well.  Now he happens to be her husband.  From left we have son # 1 J, daughter S & Boyfriend, Son # 2 M  and the hubby.  Son # 3 K is standing in back of everyone. The hubby is a wonderful father and now a fun grand pop!  Loves babysitting!

And here they are now in 2010. Sitting from left: Son # 1J, Hubby, Son #2M, standing:  daughter S, and Son # 3K.  Check out that grey mustache!  He has had that since I have known him.  He just recently shaved it off.  I think he looks younger, but I am partial I guess.

            This pic was taken just a few weeks ago when Ryan was born.  See, no stash.  Doesn't the hubby look cute!

Jim, our lives have changed, and so have we, and through the changes that have come, and made us more mature, there also is serenity, a feeling we're secure in knowing that our love survived through everything we have been through.  With this great love we've shared for so long, it could never be replaced.  That is why I don't mind growing older, sharing a life and love with you.
Happy Fathers Day my love!

I wish all by blogger buddies a wonderful Fathers Day! 


  1. So sweet!
    And the hubs looks dashing without the stash! Happy Father's Day to all the Fantabulous Father's out there!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. Beautiful post and family! Loved seeing your photos. Thanks I still can not sign in... vicky at Room service

  3. Lovely thoughts and images and I am so glad to come and see your site!

    Art by Karena

    Be sure to enter my exciting Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica!

  4. what a sweet post -- i hope you shared it with jim! :)

  5. Such a gorgeous family! Congratulations on such a long marriage! We're just 3 years and one little baby so far! :)

  6. You two make a beautiful couple and he sounds so great! I also love that you met in a bar, hehe!

  7. Beautiful... all of it and all of you!!!


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