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Monday, June 20, 2011

Give a way!

Please stop by   Art by Karena   She is having a wonderful giveaway from Novica.


  1. Hi Tote!
    Is that your name?
    What is the story behind it?
    I must apologize for not stopping by sooner to thank you for so many of your sweet comments on my blog! I'm so ashamed of my bad manners.
    I just read a great post on my friend Kathysue's blog Good Life of Design about blogging and comments. If you haven't seen her blog you would love it.
    Anyway, you have been so kind to take the time to read and comment on my blog and I want you to know how much it has meant to me.
    Thank you so much and I am looking forward to getting to know you through your blog.
    Wishing you a glorious 1st day of Summer!!!!

  2. Hi!

    What a great post!

    I'm loving your blog. It's so fun, well written and I'm loving seeing all the interiors.

    Please, drop by if you have a minute. It's so nice to "meet" you!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. Wow, that really is a nice giveaway!


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