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Monday, June 27, 2011

Decorating question.

I know this is a terrible picture, I think something must be wrong with my camera.  We just painted our bedroom and I am trying to finish it up.  I am just having a hard time trying to deciding what to do with our window.  I have a valance that matches our quilt.  I take the quilt off in the Summer to lighten the room a little.  I moved the curtains from my office to try and decide if I should put long curtains at this window or put short ones.  Should I treat each window separately, or as one?  I originally had a valance and curtains to the sill.  The room is a steel blue/gray.  I have a white matelasse spread with a blue paisley summer quilt on the bottom of the bed.  I would appreciate any advice or ideas.

Remember the question I asked a while ago about the placement of the buffet in the dining room.  Well I moved the tea cart and buffet around and decided the buffet looked best on the wall when you can see it when you walk in.  Here it is all finished up.
                  I think it looks pretty good there.  The Tea cart was too small for this space I think.

Thanks so much for all your advice!



  1. Hmmm..what about a flowy sheer valance at the top that drapes nicely?


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