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Friday, July 29, 2011

The one who is holding out.....

Well, after all this time, I guess my oldest son just read my bio.  Do you think he took offense?  He really is such a nice guy, and I know he did this just to get a rise out of his mother.
I copied and pasted this from Facebook.  Check out the comments.  Too funny!

From Susan Toto's blog bio:

JP Toto  "I am an empty Nester of 4 grown children, so far 3 are married."

Yesterday at 2:09pm ·LikeUnlike · ·
Polly Frey, Angela Travaglini, Christine Cusick and 18 others like this..

Matt Toto  - aahahhahaah.

Yesterday at 2:16pm · .William P. Danitz Jr. ‎=))

Yesterday at 2:19pm · .Katie O'Connor Kelly -  Moms are the best.

Yesterday at 2:28pm · .Stacy Toto McClelland  - That's awesome :) The question is, does it surprise you? :)

Yesterday at 3:49pm · .Susan Toto -  Is it the first time you have read that?  It's true isn't it?  Maybe I should add: 1 more to go, I am having high hopes for him!

Yesterday at 4:11pm · .Stacy Toto McClelland -  Even funnier...

Yesterday at 4:19pm · .Meredith Lockard Leff  - no pressure... ;)

Yesterday at 4:32pm · Angela Travaglini  - This just made me laugh

Yesterday at 4:36pm · .Roz Duffy sounds like my mom... i got the 'how serious are you' 'do you want to have kids' ' HOW OLD ARE YOU?' line of questioning just the other day!

Yesterday at 7:29pm ·  · 1 person Loading....Jen Miller At least your mom says it. To me, it's implied.

12 hours ago ·  · 1 person JP Toto likes this..Roz Duffy - i love that JP Toto's mom is chiming in on this thread, we know you love your son Momma Toto!!!

8 hours ago ·.Alan Rovinsky  - JP is still living the dream! You are a lucky man.

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...Isn't that funny.  See, it is what mom's do.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Maybe I should get my mom to do that tomy brother....he's the last hold out!

  2. love this exchange!!

    he's just holding out for someone super special - as special as his mom :)

  3. I think that is awesom! My mother would say something similar if she had a blog, no doubt. And I know she wouldn't mean anything bad by it :) Just waiting and hoping that I find someone to make me happy. Because once they are all "married off" you know you can kick back. Because you have done your "job".

    That's hysterical that he just saw it! hahaha....


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