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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Day....

Well, the wedding was fabulous, and we had such a great time!  Karen just passed the Bar exam, and now she is working and Pete is going back for his masters in International Business.  He just spent 3 weeks in China, and they are going to Italy for their Honeymoon!  They did the wedding their way, very economically.  They had a friend take pictures, another friend made the cake, which was beautiful.  She didn't want a Vail or flowers, saying they were a waste of money.

The drive to DC was about 3 hours, well maybe 3 1/2 hours including stopping for breakfast.  We drove down with my sister & brother in law, Andy & Nancy, so we discussed everything under the sun, including the wedding and wondering who would be there.  The bride and groom reserved a block of rooms at the Rouge hotel because it was only a block from the reception.  They had a bus take us to the church and back.  The hotel was very modern.  They called it a boutique hotel.  A little too modern for my taste, but everyone stayed there so it was fun.

The lobby.

Our room

Middle son # 2 and wife M.

hubby and his three brothers.

The Bride & her Father

Taking their vows

On to the reception, which was held at the Carnegie Institute of Science.

Her dress was beautiful.  You can't see, but it was tea length.

Mr & Mrs T

Another Mr & Mrs T

Daughter & her Hubby

Daughter giving advice to her dad

Tote & Hubby

The T ladies

Isn't the cake different!  It was delicious!

I can tell you that fun was had by all.  It is always special when we can get together with family!
It's good to be home.



  1. A tea length wedding dress...I like it! I also like the cake, how different :) I adore it when people "break the norm" with weddings. Sometimes those are the most fun after all.

    All of the T ladies look lovely!!

  2. Now that's MY kind of wedding. Minus the church. All that extra nonsense is a complete waste of money.


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